Awesome-Red out of Corvette dtr Apple-Red EX-96


Ms Apple Argela RC is a fancy Corvette daughter directly from KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96, the Grand Champion International Red Holstein Show 2011 in Madison. Sonnek GC Corvette, a Gold Chip son out of Sonnek Damion Charlie EX-94, scores +17 Conformation and is the number 2 Gold Chip son globally.

Luck-E Awesome-Red, the Absolute-Red son out of Luck-E Advent Asia RC EX-94, is with +3.19 gPTAT one of the highest Red Holstein sires for type. Awesome-Red transmits fancy frames and with his tremendous udderscore of +3.33 UDC he will be the sire of many show winners in the future!

Awesome-Red FEMbryos out of Argela RC; a great mating to create a special Red show heifer. The amazing Apple family!

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