FEMbryos out Milksource LD Shania Red EX-90!

Milksource LD Shania-Red EX-90

Blondin Redman Seisme Red EX-97, the Red Holstein Grand Champion of Madison 2010 & 2012 and Toronto 2010 & 2011, is the only Red Holstein koe with classified EX-97 (EX-99 MS) world wide!

Several daughters of Seisme Red are classified Excellent including Milksource LD Shania Red EX-92. Shania is the dam of Special Red, Junior Red Champion Oldenburg 2019 and the grnaddam of Avatar Red @ Masterrind!

Out of Milksource LD Shania Red EX-92 are now female Red embryos for you available via EMBRYOSALE.COM.

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