Brown Swiss donor: Seths Carter Petra EX-91

Seths Carter Petra EX-91

Seths Carter Petra EX-91:
* 9th generation excellent Brown Swiss !
* Nom. All-American Sr. 3yr Old 2022
* Reserve Grand Champion Midwest Spring Show 2022
* Intermediate Mediate Champion Wisconsin State Show 2022
* 6th Sr. 3yr Old World Dairy Expo 2022
* Nom. All-American Sr. 2yr Old 2021
* 6th Sr. 2yr Old World Dairy Expo 2021
* Petra’s Rampage daughter is the number 5 UDC in the breed
* has 3 Excellente maternal sisters including Seths Pretty in Pink EX-91

Out of Petra are now Switzer Tals Drdvl Doboy FEMbryos for you available.

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