Number 1 PTAT RC and A2A2 !

Budjon Vail Sol Apache RC EX-95

Budjon Vail Sol Apache RC EX-95 is the Walnutlawn Solomon granddaughter of Milksource Goldwyn Africa EX-95.
Africa her dam is Butz Butler Durham Angel EX-90 followed by EO Siemers Ashlyns Angel EX-96 and then the well known Broodcow Try Day Ashlyn EX-96.
One of the best milking young cows in North America is Budjon-Vail Dlam Andover, the Farnear Delta Lambda daughter from Apache. Last year Andover was the Reserve Intermediate Champion Mid West Spring Show 2023 and she is now fresh again in her second lactation.

And out of the Peak Jagger daughter of Budjon Vail Sol Apache, Budjon Jagger Acapella RC with PTAT +4.36, A2A2 and RC are FEMbryos for you available via

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