The everlasting impact of Dellia EX-95 …


The Snow-N-Denises Dellia EX-95 family has deliverd numerous top proven sires, including Regancrest Durham, Damion, Dundee, Mac, Die-Hard, Iota, Sterling and the actual number 2 TPI daughterproven sires globally EDG Rubicon (s. Mogul). The highest Iota son and former number 1 proven sire Sandy-Valley Saloon has Dellia even on both sides of the pedigree. Also high genomic young sires as Charismatic, Kerrigan, Rambo, Rio, Helix, Hardrock and Humblenkind trace back to the phenomenal brood cow Dellia.

EDG Ruby Uno Randi VG-87 is a high producing Numero Uno sister of Rubicon. Out of her fancy daughter ALH Modesty Randene (2686 gTPI) FEMbryos by Mr Mogul Delta (2839 gTPI), the number 1 TPI proven sires, are selling now. Are you aiming for the top? Don’t miss this unique opportunity. High genomics and great type, that’s the Dellia’s!


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