Delta FEMbryos from the EX-92 Missy’s


Sandy-Valley Uno Paxton VG-87 :

  • 6th generation bull dam in a row, 5 sons in AI.
  • huge scores for udderhealth and fertility.
  • from the great Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92 family.
  • 9th generation VG or Excellent in a row.
  • Same family as top proven sires Supersire, Mogul, Balisto & AltaOak and high ranking young sires Sandy-Valley Penmanship, Packard and Pharo!
  • Penelope, the full sister of Paxton, is the granddam of Sandy-Valley Highlight, at 3013 GTPI the number 4 GTPI females worldwide.

Are you looking for an exclusive heifer calf with top genomic potential from the successful Missy EX-92 family? Don’t miss out Paxton her FEMbryos by Mr Mogul Delta (2839 TPI!), the number 1 TPI proven sire globally!

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