The granddaughter of Apple Snapple: Sunlight Red

MD-West-View A Sunlight Red

MD-West-View A Sunlight Red is the Farnear Altitude Red granddaughter of Ms Apple Snapple Red EX-96.

Snapple EX-96:
* Nominated All-American R&W 125.000lb cow 2021
* Nasco Type & Production Winner R@W World Dairy Expo 2021
* Senior & Grand Champion North American Open Dairy Show 2020
* Honorable Mention Senior Champion Wisconsin State Show 2020
* 1st Lifetime Production Cow 2020 Wisconsin State Show 2020

AOT Heatwave Red P FEMbryos out of  Sunlight Red @ EMBRYOSALE.COM

Strong genetics, style and Red; a great combination!
LOGIN and look out for the Apples!

Top quality is in little things.
“It’s the little things that make big things possible”

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