Regancrest Chanel EX-92, 7th generation EX Barbie


Regancrest Chanel EX-92 is an impressive Goldwyn daughter of the great brood cow Regancrest Cinderella EX-92. Cinderella has several Excellent daughters, including Regancrest S Celebrity EX-94, Mac Calissa EX-91, Jeeves Celine EX-90 and Shottle Chassity EX-92, the dam of top type transmitter Mr Chassity Gold Chip (+17 Conformation).

Le-O-La Charisma, a potential 8th generation Excellent in a row, is a fancy McCutchen daughter of Chanel. Brokaw FEMbryos out of Charisma will deliver you a heifer in your barn with Regancrest Durham Barbie EX-92 on both sides of the pedigree. Huge type mating, this is your chance!

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