Red Carrier Olympian out of Sympatico RC family


Dymentholm Sympatico RC is by far the highest Red Carrier sire with milking daughters in the USA; with 2371 TPI this Snowman son even ranks in the top 30 TPI. Sympatico RC is tracing back to the Canadian Glen-Drummond Shower EX-90 family, that delivered many proven sires as September Storm, Salto, Sahara, Savage, Secure-Red and Durham-Red.

Dymentholm Sunview Santana RC VG-85, a full sister of Sympatico RC, is the dam of A-L-H Subliem RC, a fancy Ladys-Manor Olympian RC daughter. A Red and polled Apoll P Red heifer from the great Shower EX-90 family with 10 generations VG or EX in a row in your barn? Place your bid now on these FEMbryos!

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