Spark FEMbryos out of Cosmopolitan family


Larcrest Planet Chima VG-89 is the highproducing Planet daughter of one of the best Ramos daughters worldwide Larcrest Crimson EX-93. Numerous sons out of Crimson and her dam Cosmopolitan VG-87 have graduated as proven sires, including Larcrest Contrast, Cancun, Calibrate, Camelot & Chavez. Also the young sires Larcrest Commander, Chevrolet, Fanatic, Carver & Cayle rank in the top of the genomic lists.

Out of Chima her Massey daughter ALH Mas Chimsey FEMbryos are available now by Webb-Vue Spark, a high Supersire x Gabor. Great opportunity to get a top heifer from the successful Cosmopolitan family!

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