Chief x Unix x Doorman x …..

Duckett Unix Liza

Idee Doorman Lysa EX-94 is the Doorman daughter out of Idee Windbrook Lynzi EX-95, the Grand Champion Royal Winter Fair 2019, Holstein Canada Cow of the Year 2020 and the Reserve Grand Champion National Holstein Show 2021!

Lysa was bought by Duckett Holsteins for CAN $215.000 in the Jacobs Sale 2019. Followed she was 2nd Junior 3yr Cow World Dairy Expo 2019, Reserve All American Junior 3yr Cow 2019 and Reserve All Canadian Junior 3yr Cow 2019. Lysa sold again in the Duckett Sale 2021 for US $160.000.

Out of Lysa her Unix daughter Duckett Unix Liza are now Stantons Chief FEMbryos available!

Selected and created with passion!
Click here for Liza her FEMbryos

“It’s the little things that make big things possible”

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