A-L-H Joyce Red: de Latenite uit Luck E Awesome Joy P Red EX-93

A-L-H Joyce Red

Luck E Awesome Joy Red P Red EX-93 is the 11th generation of excellent in a row!
Red, Polled, Show, production, components, proven bulls and out of the deep cowfamily with Ja-Bob Mark Heavenly Joy 2E-92 and Sky-Hi Mars Helen 4E-92 in the pedigree.

Joy P Red:
* EX-93, 11 generations excellent!
* Top 5 PTAT and UDC Red Polled cow worldwide!
* 2nd Jr 3yr Old & BU Northeast Fall Red & White Show 2020
* Joy is the dam of the bull Luck E Joyrider Red PP
* Joy is the dam of ZBW-JLP Mirand Joyful PP Red 2y VG-87:
– 1st Summer Jr 2yr Old Northeast Spring R&W Show 2023
* Joy is the dam of ZBW-JLP Mirand Joyous PP Red 2y VG-88:
– sale topper with $45.000 in de Best of Luck E Sale 2023
* Joy is a proven Broodcow!

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