Awesome Red FEMbryos out of fancy Georgia


Stunning Acme Georgia is a very fancy Acme daughter from the Savage Leigh Durham Licorice EX-92 family. Her granddam is Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96, the impressive Canyon-Breeze Allen daughter (EX-96 MS) and multiple Supreme and Grand Champion at the Maryland State Fair.

Luck-E Awesome-Red, the Absolute-Red son out of Luck-E Advent Asia RC EX-94, is with +3.19 gPTAT one of the highest Red Holstein sires for type worldwide. Awesome-Red transmits fancy frames and with his tremendous udderscore of +3.33 UDC he will be the sire of many show winners in the future!

Awesome-Red FEMbryos out of Georgia are available now, thé chance to get an exclusive show heifer! Showtype!


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