Budjon Vail Sol Apache RC now EX-95!

Budjon Vail Sol Apache RC

Budjon Vail Sol Apache RC is the newest EX-95 in the Breed!
Apache is the Walnutlawn Solomon granddaughter Milksource Goldwyn Africa EX-95.
Africa her dam is Butz Butler Durham Angel EX-90 followed by EO Siemers Ashlyns Angel EX-96 and than the well known Broodcow Try Day Ashlyn EX-96.
One of the best milking two years olds in North America is the Farnear Delta Lambda daughter out of Apache.
And Budjon Vail Sol Apache is red carrier!

Out of Apache herself are FEMbryos for you available at embryosale.com

Take advantage: Conformation and prestation in one package!

Top quality is in little things.
“It’s the little things that make big things possible”

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