Dabble EX-91, what a great brood cow!


Ronelee Outside Dabble EX-91 has proven to be a tremendous milk producer and a great brood cow. Many of her sons have graduated as proven sires, including Ronelee Ss Durable RC, Domain, O Daddy, Determine and Denzel. Also high genomic young sires as Ronelee Midnight Detour (2709 gTPI) and Mr Donalynn Millennium (+3.58 gPTAT) are descending from the proven Dabble EX-91 familie, just like her direct daughter Ronelee Toystory Darva EX-92.

From the very fancy Argh Beemer Deb, the number 1 gTPI Beemer in Europe and a potential 10th generation VG or EX in a row, Bandares FEMbryos are available now. A beautiful Bandares heifer from the successful Dabble EX-91 family with tremendous milk production capability, favorable management traits and great type, don’t miss!


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