Dubai, fancy Doorman from the Roxy EX-97 family


ALH Doorman Dubai VG-85 is a very fancy and high producing Doorman granddaughter of Co-Vista Atwood Desire EX-90. Desire her daughter Brenland Doorman Desirable VG-87 is with +4.12 PTAT one of the highest milking females for type globally, while Desire her Solomon daughter Brenland Dezi is with +4.20 gPTAT one of the highest type heifers internationally. Desire her sons EDG Deman (s. Mogul, +3.19 PTAT) and Mr Hovden Delta (s. Snowman, +2.95 PTAT) are graduated proven sires now.

Dubai is the 12th generation VG or EX in a row from the Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97 family. Out of Dubai FEMbryos by Woodcrest King Doc are available now. Do not miss this unique opportunity to get a fancy heifer with the fantastic Roxy EX-97 on both sides of the pedigree!


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