Franchise FEMbryos out of early Yoder


Tramilda Yoder Emily is an early Yoder daughter of Ms Emily Emarion VG-85, the Supersire sister of proven sire Genervations Epic, followed by Tramilda-N Baxter Emily VG-85. The Whittier-Farms Lead Mae EX-95 family has delivered numerous proven sires, including Morningview Levi & Legend, Wabash-Way Explode, Crockett-Acres Eight & Otto, Vendairy Wonder and Morningview Marcelon. Also Morningview Kingboy, one of the highest McCutchen sons globally, is descending from the proven Lead Mae family.

FEMbryos by OCD Rodgers Franchise (2715 gTPI) out of Emily have a PA of almost 2600 gTPI. Top genomics, 13 generations VG or EX in a row, the successful Lead Mae EX-95 family, Yoder semen not available in Europe; these FEMbryos will bring an exclusive heifer in your barn!

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