Kennedy FEMbryos from Kingboy’s family!


Morningview Mogul Mani VG-86 is a tremendous producing Mogul daughter from the proven Whittier-Farms Lead Mae EX-95 family. Due to her high genomics Mani has always been in high demand and she was with 26.000 $ the top seller at the Spring Fashions Sale 2014. Mani still ranks in the top 20 gTPI milking Mogul daughters worldwide and has 4 sons in AI. The Lead Mae family has delivered numerous popular sires, including Epic, Explode, Eight, Otto, Legend, Levi, Chicago, Marcelon and of course the popular Morningview Kingboy.

Kennedy (2862 gTPI!) FEMbryos out of Mani: Top genomics, super milkproduction, 13 generations VG or Excellent in a row, the proven Lead Mae EX-95 family: these FEMbryos have it all!

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