Montross FEMbryos from #1 O-Style


A-L-H Moviemax VG-85, the number one O-Style daughter globally, is a former number 1 gTPI in Europe and for a long time the highest female descendant of all daughter proven sires. Moviemax has already 7 sons in AI and has her tremendous genetic scores for the health traits inherited from her sire O-Style. Her dam Brookview-E Moviestar is a VG-86 Planet from the Missy’s with several sons in AI, including Mr Moviestar Model en Mardi Gras.

Out of Moviemax FEMbryos by the new number 1 TPI proven sires globally, Bacon-Hill Montross, are available now. Nine generations VG or EX in a row, huge genomics, the very successful Missy family; imagine the possibilities of a top Montross heifer from this great family!

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