Oakfield Solomon Footloose classified EX-97

Footloose EX-97!

Oakfield Solomon Footloose is classified with EX-97!

Footloose was the Reserve Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2021, Supreme Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2022 & Reserve Senior & Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2023.
Footloose sold in the 2021 Duckett Summer Sale for $355,000 and is owned by Duckett Holsteins, Borderview Genetics & Vierra Dairy.

Footloose is now pregnant again (4 years in a row & each time with the first insemination!) for the World Dairy Expo 2024. But soon she will first go to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto!

FEMbryos from daughters and granddaughters of Footloose are now available to you @ embryosale.com !

Take advantage and take advantage of the qualities!!
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Production, conformation, cow family and lifespan in 1 package!

Below is the video of the Grand Champions World Dairy Expo 2023 with Footloose.


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