Jeffrey Way Spunky Red P EX-90, EX-91 udder

Jeffrey Way Spunky Red P EX-90, EX-91 uier

Jeffrey Way Spunky Red P is one of the best Trent Way Ronald daughters worldwide and from the famous Jeffrey Way Tina family. Spunky her dam is Jeffrey Way Saphani P Red EX-92 and the granddam Jeffrey Way Saphire RC P EX-94, lifetime already over 153.634kg and one of the best cows at Jeffrey Way Holsteins in Belleville, Wisconsin, USA.

Spunky Red is Polled with a great EX-91 udder, a great production cow with high % fat and %protein:
2.00 348d 10.628kg 4.9% 522f 3.9% 416p
3.01 365d 17.539kg 4.6% 809f 3.8% 666p

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