Red Carrier Kingboy granddaughter Invite VG-89


Ms Pride Gold Invite VG-89 EX-MS is a very fancy Goldwyn from the famous Snow-N-Denises Dellia EX-95 family. Invite, the Grand Champion at the Maxville Spring Show 2013 and nominated All-Canadian 4-Yr-Old, is a granddaughter of Regancrest Ito Isa VG-86, the dam of the proven sire Regancrest AltaIota. Blondin Ponde Index, Invite her Mogul son at Semex, has his first daughters calved in Canada and is starting promising.

Montross FEMbryos out of Ross Kingboy Al RC, a fancy red carrier Morningview Kingboy granddaughter of Invite, have the potential to deliver a beautiful red carrier Dellia EX-95 descendant in your barn. Montross is the number 1 TPI proven sires globally, place your bid now!

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