Duckett Parfect Heidi pictured !

Duckett Parfect Heidi

The first Siemers Reng Parfect daughter out of S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784 EX-96, Duckett Parfect Heidi is pictured.

Heidi is >1285M, +3.9 DPR, 112CFP, 2.74 PTAT & +2.57 UDC and A2A2.
Heidi her full brother is Duckett Pfct Has It All.
Heidi her first and only son is GTPI 3143, NM 1053, +2312M PTAT +2.06 & UDC +2.11!
Heidi is doing great and will be classified in October.

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Production, conformation, index and cow family in 1 package.
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