The great Jeffrey Way Spunky Red P family

Jeffrey Way Spunky Red P EX-90, EX-91 udder

Jeffrey Way Spunky is Red, Polled,  EX-90 with EX-91 udder and from the famous Jeffrey Tina family!

The deep maternal line behind Spunky:
2nd Jeffrey Way Saphani P Red EX-92
3rd Jeffrey Way Saphire RC P EX-94 Lifetime 153.634kg
4th Jeffrey Way Tran VG-89 Lifetime 73.889kg
5th Jeffrey Way Tranquil EX-92 Lifetime 81.743kg
6th Jeffrey Way Formation Tate EX-93
7th Jeffrey Way Mascot Tina EX-91 Lifetime: 79.220kg
8th Jeffrey Way Mark Trudy EX-91 Lifetime: 96.843kg
9th Jeffrey Way Bell Tiffany VG-88 Lifetime: 89.512kg
10th Jeffrey Way Mars Tara EX-90
11th Inwood Taffy Apollo EX-93

FEMbryos out of Spunky available for you at


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