Ammo-P-RC out of fancy red carrier Barbie!


Ms Coronas Cocktail RC is a fancy red carrier Mr Apple Diamondback RC from Farnear-TBR-BH At Corona VG-88, with +3.42 PTAT one of the highest Atwood daughters for type. Granddam of Corona is the impressive Regancrest S Celebrity EX-94, the maternal sister of Regancrest Chanel EX-92 (s. Goldwyn), Mac Calissa EX-91 and Jeeves Celine EX-90. Regancrest S Chassity EX-92, the full sister of Celebrity, is the dam of Mr Chassity Gold Chip (+15 Conformation), sire of numerous showring champions.

Mr Leaninghouse Ammo-P-RC FEMbryos out of Cocktail RC have Apple-Red EX-96 on both sides of the pedigree and are descending from the great Regancrest Durham Barbie EX-92 family. Unique opportunity to get a beautiful red and polled Barbie heifercalf, don’t miss!

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