Great Brown Swiss: Apex Carter Luxe

Empire Winrite Lotus

Apex Carter Luxe is the only daughter of the undefeated milking Junior 2yr Old Brown Swiss in 2023 Empire Winrite Lotus.

Empire Winrite Lotus 2y VG-89:
* Undefeated Junior 2yr Old in 2023
* Unanimous All-American Jr. 2yr Old 2023
* 1st Jr. 2yr Old World Dairy Expo 2023
* 1st Jr. 2yr Old NE All-Breeds Spring Show 2023
* 1st Jr. 2yr Old Eastern National 2023
* 1st Jr. 2yr Old Mid-Atlantic Invitational 2023

Out of Apex Carter Luxe are Perry Brook P Crazy Horse FEMbryos for you available.

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Below the video with Empire Winrite Lotus at the World Dairy Expo 2023.


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