The first Byway FEMbryos!


OH-River-Syc Byway is with +3.87 PTAT the absolute number 1 type sire globally! Byway is a Meridian son from the famous Regancrest Durham Barbie EX-92 family; his granddam is a full sister of the top type sire Regancrest S Braxton.

Micheret Alexandra Sid EX-94 (EX-97 MS) is a very fancy Pine-Tree Sid daughter and All-American & All-Canadian Sr. 2-Yr-Old 2010. Alexandra is descending from a deep Canadian cow family, is the 7th generation VG or EX in a row and has numerous show ring successes. Her first 9 milking daughters all scored VG in Canada.

Now available: The first Byway FEMbryos out of Alexandra her direct Atwood daughter Butlerview Atw Sid 9177. Don’t miss, be quick!


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