The first Slamdunk FEMbryos!


Ms Rubicon Love is a great Rubicon daughter with 2675 gTPI from the super producing Lactomont Loak Oak VG-85, the 9th generation VG or Excellent in a row. Loak is tracing back to the tremendous brood cow Comestar Laurie Sheik VG-88, who has delivered many proven sires including Comestar Outside, Leader, Stormatic and Lauthority.

FEMbryos out of Love by OCD Spring Slamdunk, with 2815 gTPI one of the top AltaSpring sons worldwide and out of the successful Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92 family, have the potential to create your next top genomic heifer. The first Slamdunk FEMbryos, an exclusive opportunity!

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