Delta daughter from 8 generations Excellent!


Ms Chassity Snowman Clea EX-90, the 8th generation Excellent in a row, is the high producing Snowman out of the ‘Genomic Giant’ Regancrest S Chassity EX-92. Chassity is also the dam of the impressive Ms Chassity Goldwyn Cash EX-91 and of the popular bulls Gold Chip and Colt 45 P RC. Furthermore Chassity is granddam of Cashcoin, Cameron, Capital Gain & High Octane and many other high genomic young sires. Top type sires as Regancrest Braxton, Bradnick, Brokaw & Beemer are descending from the proven Regancrest Durham Barbie EX-92 family as well.

Kennedy (2862 gTPI) FEMbryos out of Clea her great Delta daughter ALH Celebrity offer you the opportunity to get a unique heifer calf with huge genomics from the excellent Chassity cow family in your barn!


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