A Pinnacle sister of Miri VG-89 and Modest!


S-S-I Bookem Modesto VG-87 has 37 daughters >2500 gTPI. Her famous daughter S-S-I Supersire Miri VG-89 can be named an absolute Genomic Transmitting Giant with over 45 sons >2600 gTPI. Miri herself is still one of the highest cows in the breed and her sons Biggie, Jedi, Jett & Flagship are in the top available genomic young sires. And also ALH Delta Modest, with 2817 gTPI one of the highest Mr Mogul Delta daughters in Europe, is a direct daughter of Modesto.

FEMbryos out of Modesto by S-S-I Modesty Pinnacle (2803 gTPI) offer you the chance to get a high genomic sister of the very successful Miri VG-89 and Modest. Great opportunity for success!

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