Global Holstein Cow 2023: Siemers Lambda Paris 27856 EX-91

Siemers Lambda Paris, the dam of Parfect

She was the clear choice of the voting public and the three official judges placed her in their Top 5. As a result, she received the maximum score of 40 points and can call herself Global Cow of the Year 2023 – Siemers Lambda Paris 27856 EX-91. 
Source Holstein International November 2023.

Siemers Lambda Paris 27856 EX-91 is the dam of one of the most interesting young Holstein bulls; Siemers Ren Parfect.

Siemers Denver Paris EX-91, the dam of Siemers Lambda Paris 27856 EX-91 was flushed for the last time with Farnear Delta Lambda.
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