Jersey donor: Kevetta Joyride Vienna

Kevetta Joyride Vienna

Kevetta Joyride Vienna is one of the best River Valley Joyride daughters out of the great Oakfield Tbone Vivianne EX-96. Out of Vivianne are more than 20 daughters classified VG & EX and she was the “Queen of the Barn” at Kevetta Farms.

Viviane her productions:
3.06 305d 11.414kg 5.3% 602f 3.9% 445p
5.10 305d 13.670kg 5.3% 724f 3.7% 504p
6.10 305d 12.467kg 5.1% 638f 4.0% 493p
8.07 305d 11.854kg 5.2% 616f 3.9% 462p
10.00 305d 12.739kg 5.1% 644f 3.8% 482p
11.10 305d 14.401kg 5.3% 761f 3.7% 535p

Out of Viviane her last daughter, Kevetta Joyride Vienna are Broadband P FEMbryos for you available at

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