The best granddaughter of June: Tatoo Jilly EX-92, EX-94 MS

MD Maple Lawn Tatoo Jilly EX-92, EX-94 MS

Loyalyn Goldwyn June EX-97 was one of the best cows worldwide for production, lifetime and conformation!

June was still present at the big shows in 2023. 1st Place Production Cow Royal Winter Fair 2023, 4th Production Cow World Dairy Expo 2023 and 1st Production Cow Class Le Supreme Laitier Show 2023! June was over 17 years old with >160,000 kg lifetime production and past away in January 2024.

Out of June her best granddaughter, MD Maple Lawn Tatoo Jilly EX-92, EX-94 MS, classified with maximum score at 60 days in her second lactation, are FEMbryos for you available!

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