Madonna, the maternal sister of King Royal!


Seagull-Bay Manat Mirage EX-90, tracing back to Rilara Mars Las Ravena EX-91, has proven to be a tremendous brood cow. Out of (grand)daughters of Mirage 8 bulls rank in the top 50 TPI proven sires in USA, whereof 3 in the top 10: Bob, Morgan & Mayflower. Also descending from the very successful Mirage family is Roylane Socra Robust, sire of 29 (!) bulls in the top 100 TPI, including the number 2 Supersire! Furthermore young sires from this deep cow family, like Jedi, Jett, Flagship, Jaguar, Expresso, Bayonet and King Royal rank at the top of the genomic lists.

Plain-Knoll Mogul Mariah VG-88, the 10th generation VG or EX in a row and dam of King Royal (2771 gTPI, the number 1 Kingboy son worldwide), is also the dam of the fancy Dukefarm Obay Madonna. Check out the Kingman embryos out of Madonna, from the proven Mirage EX-90 family!

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