Modesty FEMbryos out of #2 Beemer


Lylehaven Durham Lila Z EX-94, the One Million Dollar Cow, has proven to be a fantastic brood cow both through females and males. Granddaughters rank in the top in several countries, while (grand)grandsons as Lexor, Latimer, Let It Snow, Willpower, Liquid Gold, Fuzion, Gizmo, Larson RC, Lottomax and Lambda are being used in breeding programs globally. One of Lila Z her fanciest daughters is of course Calbrett Goldwyn Layla EX-96, often and often successful in the showring and honored as All-American 2015.

Out of Farnear Lizzy, the number 2 gTPI Beemer daughter globally, Modesty FEMbryos are available now. Get a fancy Lila Z in your barn now!


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