Modesty FEMbryos!


A-L-H Moviemax VG-85, the number one O-Style daughter globally, is a former number 1 gTPI in Europe and for a long time the highest female descendant of all daughter proven sires. Moviemax has already 7 sons in AI and has her tremendous genetic scores for the health traits inherited from her sire O-Style. Her dam Brookview-E Moviestar is a VG-86 Planet from the Missy’s with several sons in AI, including Mr Moviestar Model en Mardi Gras. At the Tulip Sale Moviemax her Mack and Jabir daughters are sold for 16.000 and 19.000 euro’s.

Moviemax: 9th generation VG or EX in a row, proven brood cow, the very successful Missy family. Imagine the possibilities of her Modesty (2827 gTPI) heifers!

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