Sillian out of Bouw Finder family


Fancy 4 is one of the highest daughters in Europe of Bacon-Hill Montross, the number 1 TPI proven sires globally. Greatgranddam Bouw Goldwyn Femmy VG-88 is also dam of proven sires Bouw Snowfever & Snowblast (v. Snowman) and Bouw Epic Finola GP-83, the dam of the number 1 gNVI Balisto son Bouw Finder. Bouw Rocky, the former number 1 gRZG Shamrock son, is through Bouw Goli Flower VG-86 also a grandson of Femmy. Other proven sires as Ralma Focus, Ralma O-Man Cricket, Ralma Gold Crown & Goldwyn Coach are as well from the successful Ralma Juror Faith EX-91 family.

Dukefarm Sillian (Silver x Meridian) embryos out of Fancy 4: Huge genomics, tremendous production potential and sublime mammary systems!

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