Sully Shottle May EX-90 delivers top proven bulls!


Sully Shottle May EX-90 belongs to the top of the Shottle daughters globally and is a former number 1 GTPI in USA. May has proven to be a tremendous brood cow with 4 top proven sires in USA; De-Su McCutchen, Mayfield, Moonboy and Meteor. Also her grandsons Sully Hart Meridian, AltaMerci and De-Su Moonray rank in the top 40 proven sires in the US and young sires from the May family as Moonray, Munition and Montana show high genomic numbers.

Albany is an early Bacon-Hill Montross daughter from the successful May family. Embryos out of Albany by Bouw Finder (Balisto x Epic), the Dutch number 1 (398 NVI ) and number 4 in Germany (161 gRZG), offer you the possibility to get a genomic topper. Place your bid now!

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