The Broodcow: MS Apples Aria RC EX-92

daughter of MS Apples Aria RC EX-92 at the Ontario Summer Show 2023

MS Apples Aria RC EX-92, EX-94 MS is the dam of Golden-Oaks Alexis Red, the Reserve Grand Champion Ontario Summer Show 2023!

MS Apples Aria RC is the dam of Farnear TBR Aria Adler EX-96,  the 1st 150.000Lb. Production Cow World Dairy Expo and Grand Champion Iowa State Show 2021!

MS Apples Aria RC is the granddam of the proven bulls Farnear Altitude Red bij STgenetics and Farnear Addison RC bij St. Jacobs ABC / ABS!

MS Apples Aria RC is a great Broodcow with high production records and will be in December 12 years young. Aria produced recently FEMbryos and these are now for you available at

Strong cowfamilies and style, a great combination!
LOGIN and look out for Ms Apples Aria RC!

Conformation and prestation in one package!



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