The very successful Mirage EX-90 family!

Seagull-Bay Manat Mirage EX-90, tracing back to Rilara Mars Las Ravena EX-91, has proven to be a tremendous brood cow. Out of (grand)daughters of Mirage 8 bulls rank in the top 50 TPI proven sires in USA, whereof 3 in the top 10. Also descending from the very successful Mirage family is Roylane Socra Robust, sire of 31 (!) bulls in the top 100 TPI, including the number 2 Supersire! High genomic young sires from this deep cow familie, including Flagship, Jedi, King Royal and Expresso, rank in the absolute top of the genomic lists and also AltaSpring belongs to the highest Mogul sons.

Montross FEMbryos out of Dukefarm Obay Madonna, the number 1 gTPI Overbay in Europe: The perfect mating for your next genomic topper!

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