Fantastic Doorman out of family Cheyenne EX-95


MS Cling Doorman Clasp is a great Val-Bisson Doorman daughter and full sister of Maverick Crush, the Doorman son with +3.75 gPTAT, +18 Conformation and the extreme favorable cell score of 2.33 SCS! Dam EDG Claire Cling VG-85 is a high producing Numero Uno daughter from Pine-Shelter Claire Wood VG-87, an Atwood granddaughter of Pine-Shelter Cheyenne EX-95, the Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2003.

Embryos out of Clasp by Brenland Denver, the number 1 Stantons High Octane son (+3.82 gPTAT / +18 Conformation) from the Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97 family, have tremendous type potential. Don’t miss!

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