Legendary FEMbryos!


Stunning Draco Beauty is a very nice Mr Coin Draco heifer from the famous Regancrest Durham Barbie EX-92 family, delivering great type sires as Regancrest Braxton, Bradnick, Brokaw and Gold Chip (+17 Conformation). Beauty her dam Ms Boyana Uno Brinley EX-90 is the 10th generation VG or EX in a row and was sold at the Destination Vegas sale for 65.000 US dollars. Both Beauty her dam and granddam Farnear-TBR Bowsr Boyana VG-87 have sons in AI.

Out of Beauty FEMbryos are available now by Welcome Legendary, a Damaris x Cameron with 2750 gTPI. Huge genomics, a different sire stack and the super Barbie EX-92 family, imagine the possibilities!

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