Red Carrier Roxy from 10 generations EX


Morningview Mogul Roxy RC VG-85 is an exclusive individual: she is a Red Carrier Mogul tracing back to the proven brood cow Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97. Her dam Morningview Super Roxy RC EX-90 is the 10th generation Excellent in a row and a former number 1 TPI Red Carrier cow in the breed. Super Roxy RC has several sons in AI, including the number 1 RZG Colt-P son Coloredo-P-Red (at Masterrind) and Morningview Attract-Red (s. Alchemy) at Semex.

Now available: Mr Salvatore RC FEMbryos out of Mogul Roxy RC. Super cow family with 10 x Excellent in a row, top genomics and red in the pedigree! Here is the next #1 Red & White female globally!

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