Salvatore RC out of dam Superhero


Topping the National Convention Sale 2010 at 91.000 $ was Clear-Echo Mom 2150 VG-87, the number 2 GTPI female in the breed, already as young heifer in high demand. Her dam is the impressive Clear-Echo 822 Ramos 1200 EX-94, together with Larcrest Crimson EX-94 belonging to the best Ramos daughters globally. Ramos 1200 is a full sister of Clear-Echo 822 Ramos 1199 VG-86, dam of the popular proven sire De-Su Bookem, the Planet son ranking high in many countries.

De-Su Uno 3081 VG-85, a Numero Uno grand daughter of Mom 2150, has proven to posses great brood cow qualities; her son Endco Superhero is one of the highest gTPI Supershot sons. Don’t miss her embryos by  Mr Salvatore RC, the number 1 Red Carrier sire globally!


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