Superstar FEMbryos out of Barbie EX-92 family!


Da-So-Burn Mtoto Britany EX-90 is a great Mtoto granddaughter of Regancrest Aerostar Bea EX-91, also the greatdam of Regancrest Durham Barbie EX-92. Britany her grandgranddaughter Da-So-Burn Burberry VG-87 is one of the highest Numero Uno’s globally and has already 17 daughters over 2500 gTPI. Furthermore Burberry is the dam of Peak Burberry Jspr P474, with 71.000 US dollars the topseller at the International Intrigue Sale 2015.

AltaSuperstar FEMbryos out of Burberry will bring a heifer with top genomic potential from this deep, successful cow family in your barn. Don’t miss!

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