Comestar Lautrust, the number 1 LPI proven sires


Ms Rubicon Love is a fancy Rubicon daughter from the super producing Lactomont Loak Oak VG-85, the 9th generation VG or Excellent in a row. Loak is tracing back to the tremendous brood cow Comestar Laurie Sheik VG-88, who has delivered many proven sires including Comestar Outside, Leader, Stormatic, Lauthority and Lautrust, the actual number 1 LPI proven sires in Canada.

FEMbryos out of Love by S-S-I Modesty MagicTouch, an early Modesty son with 2820 gTPI from the successful Welcome Colby Taya VG-88 family, have the potential to create your next top genomic heifer. The first MagicTouch FEMbryos, an exclusive opportunity!

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