Nice prices for animals from embryos

Nr. 14, 20, 25 en 44 in de Masterrind sale 2023

Wonderful prizes for the best animals, born out of embryos purchased via @ the Masterrind Exclusive auction last Wednesday evening in Verden, Germany.

Lot 14 Redcarpet Lasting Spirit  Euro 4.200
Diamondback x Nipponia R D Lizabeth EX-96
Seller: A.Ahrens, Wurster

Lot 20 Liddleholm Reality  Euro 7.500
Goldwyn x Macland HF Yoder Rachel EX-96
Seller: A.Ahrens, Wurster

Lot 25 A-L-H Hot Night Red  Euro 7.800
Latenite x Miss Mamas Hot Mess Red 2y VG-87
Seller: Büscherhoff Holsteins, Steinfeld

Lot 44 HMO Defqon  Euro 11.200
Ferdinand x Crossbrook HG Dixie EX-94 x Dasher EX-95 x Veronica EX-97
Seller: H.Meyer, Oberende

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