Shavon EX-91, the 10th generation VG or EX!


Trifecta Observer Shavon EX-91, the 10th generation VG or EX in a row, is a fantastic De-Su Observer daughter with a super mammary system from the family of the brood cow Sher-Est Southwind Saturday EX-90. This family delivered proven bulls like Regancrest-Mr Durham Sam, Samuelo, Shane and Velvet-View-KJ Socrates. Also the well renown Durham daughter Regan-Joy Durham Regenia EX-92 is descending from this family and is (grand)dam of Regancrest Reginald & Ryker, the German Moneymaker and Libu Inseme Attila in Italy.

Out of Shavon her great Tatum daughter A-L-H Sahara FEMbryos are available now by Bacon-Hill Montross, one of the highest TPI proven sires worldwide. Don’t miss!

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