Do you want to stay well informed – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – about new, exclusive embryos that come up for sale and, of course, buy them right away too?

EMBRYOSALE.COM perfectly fits in with the speed and topical matters of worldwide breeding. On a regular basis you will find here new offers of embryos from exceptional cow families and by the hottest bulls. You will always be well informed about a wide range of offers and the newest combinations, for the embryo sellers, too, make clever use of the network of EMBRYOSALE.COM. Nowhere else will you find such an extensive market place with worldwide interest. This is how EMBRYOSALE.COM brings demand and offer together: easy, reliable and exclusive.


Each embryo package will be on the website for until the date mentioned. EMBRYOSALE.COM rewards people who can decide quickly. When the price offered by you suffices, the embryos will be allocated to you immediately. After the allocation, the auction number will stay on the website for one more day before it is removed.


All available grade 1 embryos from the specific flush (sire x donor) will be offered at EMBRYOSALE.COM. However, this can be divided over several auction numbers.

Interested parties from all over the world can select combinations and immediately buy them at any moment of the day. This makes EMBRYOSALE.COM the market place to do business smoothly.


If you want to join the bidding on embryos, you have to apply for an unique and anonymous bid number. Herewith your privacy is guaranteed and the trustworthiness to buyer and seller safeguarded. With this unique bid number you can log in, make a bid and buy at all times.


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