IVF Embryos

IVF embryos: Take advantage of the possibilities!

Nowadays IVF has reached a level that it has become a very practical and competitive reproductive tool with numerous applications for breeding programs and commercial operations.
For this reason I like you to share a part of knowledge about IVF-embryos, our experience with the labs, the good results of pregnancies, price & available and ‘pregnancy guarantee’ offered via ALH Genetics.

What is In Vitro Fertilization?
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the process of creating embryos from oocytes (unfertilized egg cells) by fertilizing them with semen in a Petri dish. Oocytes are first collected from the ovaries of donors by ultrasound-guided follicular aspiration. They are then matured in a Petri dish and fertilized 20-24 hours later.
For fertilization conventional, sexed-frozen, or reverse-sorted semen may be used. Oocytes then develop in an incubator for seven days, at which point the resulting viable embryos are transferred into recipients or frozen.

IVF Embryos
IVF embryos frozen are making very acceptable results. Labs will be very selective on the quality of embryos that are frozen. Embryos that do not qualify for freezing will be transferred fresh or discarded.

Conventional, sexed frozen, or reverse-sorted semen may be used for fertilization and give options to make females out of conventional semen. Frozen semen is thawed, and the semen sorter is utilized to separate the female and male sperm cells. We call this process “reverse-sorting”, because the sorting occurs after the semen has been previously frozen.

The Labs
We only want to work with the best ones. Laboratories in North-America used by ALH have much more experience than many other labs. All IVF embryos that we offer from North-America are made with Boviteg and Trans Ova. All IVF embryos are controlled and made into much better quality embryo; without birth problems and are all normal calves.

There is a little variation with IVF embryos in % pregnancy rate per donor / session. Only a mix of the right managing people, the right farms / donors and made at the best Labs makes IVF embryos to good results. If everything is correct you can take advantage with IVF embryos!

On average, we expect frozen IVF embryos to achieve about a 45-50% pregnancy rate. This will vary somewhat depending on the time of year, type of recipient, and recipient management. With our overview over the different countries we see a much higher pregnancy rate in well-managed (recipients) herds.

ALH implanted in the Netherlands the last years more than 500 frozen IVF embryos. Pregnancy rate was 50%+ and grade 1 and grade 2 frozen are equal. If the IVF embryos coming from bred heifers and cows, the pregnancy rate of the embryos is slightly higher.

Price and available
ALH is realizing that IVF has the potential to do things never before possible through other reproductive technologies. Without IVF many of the donors were not available to get embryos from or at a much higher price level.
Embryos can come from pregnant donors, this works well on bred heifers to get them fresh at 2yrs, for milking donors on a 365-day calving interval and/or to get them back into the show ring.

ALH sells all embryos with pregnancy guarantee. At 10 or more embryos we guarantee 40% pregnancies, this can be a combination of different packages and this is including all IVF embryos. With IVF embryos we’re able to offer better donors and serve an even greater customer base with the best conception in the business!

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